Karen (improbable) wrote in cathouse2,

Review: Nivea Shimmer lotion

I brought the bottle of Nivea shimmer lotion home because I thought it was a subtle self-tanner, but it isn't. I chose the light-to-medium shade because, despite my childhood ability to turn dark as a biscuit in the sun, I practically have negative skin tone now, after a winter season under wraps.

So this morning I gave my legs a quick shave and put on a knee-length skirt. I put the lotion onto my exposed legs and ankles. It comes out of the bottle flesh-toned, and looks almost like liquid make-up. Despite my fear that I would be noticably shimmery, the real effect is so subtle that I had to stare at my skin to realize that it is decorated with infintesimally small flecks of copper-colored glinty bits. I think the overall shade of my legs is improved over their natural state.

Unfortunately, I also smell noticably like baby powder mixed with something more adult. That's not an allusion to anything scandalous - I just mean that I smell lotion-y, and I can't really place the aroma.
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