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We talk about girly stuff, boys go away!'s Journal
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Tuesday, April 10th, 2007
4:10 pm
I got the sports bra I'd ordered in the mail yesterday. I'd chosen one with 4 barbells, the most generous level of boob-suspension offered by Title Nine sports, but still in a class that added up to about $40 with shipping.

For a while, I tried to ignore how my figure had become more generous by wearing a bra with a band size too large and a cup size too small, but finally, I just had to admit to being a 36D. So I needed a heavy-duty bra in which to consider taking up running with the dog this year.

Of course, it's utilitarian-looking, in white, with heavy straps and a generous cut. I tried it on an was instantly impressed with how it restrained movement, even though it has two sides in front, and much of it is a nice, breathable mesh. I demonstrated this to Jason by jumping up and down a few times in it. Then I quit jumping because I noticed the rest of me was jiggling up and down in comparison.

I need a sports body suit.
Friday, March 30th, 2007
10:42 am
Review: Nivea Shimmer lotion
I brought the bottle of Nivea shimmer lotion home because I thought it was a subtle self-tanner, but it isn't. I chose the light-to-medium shade because, despite my childhood ability to turn dark as a biscuit in the sun, I practically have negative skin tone now, after a winter season under wraps.

So this morning I gave my legs a quick shave and put on a knee-length skirt. I put the lotion onto my exposed legs and ankles. It comes out of the bottle flesh-toned, and looks almost like liquid make-up. Despite my fear that I would be noticably shimmery, the real effect is so subtle that I had to stare at my skin to realize that it is decorated with infintesimally small flecks of copper-colored glinty bits. I think the overall shade of my legs is improved over their natural state.

Unfortunately, I also smell noticably like baby powder mixed with something more adult. That's not an allusion to anything scandalous - I just mean that I smell lotion-y, and I can't really place the aroma.
Monday, March 5th, 2007
8:37 am
menstruation at mid-life
When I was a teenager, I fairly exploded blood every month. I remember it that way: how it started so suddenly that I never seemed prepared, flowed so strongly that containing it with pads was a challenge (and often a failure), and I never cramped until I was well into my 20s. There was no ebb and flow in the fertile body, just gush and flood.

The most disturbing change with time is how PMS has become a genuine phenomenon that I have to acknowledge and admit to. Even when I don't realize it at the time. All other parts of my period have become more reasonable. But on a day like today, when I spot the signal of blood, it occurs to me that *this* is why I got suddenly tired and achy around my lower spine last night after hours of walking and standing.
Tuesday, January 16th, 2007
10:19 am
Monday, November 27th, 2006
12:24 pm
I'm trying out the Diva Cup, starting two days ago. I got it at the vegan yarn store, which has two alternative brands (keeper, moon cup) on the shelf, but I was most familiar with this one. The two others advised the larger size of two for women who'd given birth, one said vaginal delivery, the other said either vaginal or C-section. Diva cup, however, says the larger size is for women who'd given birth or women over 30. Well, that's me, so I got size B.

The shop owner even asked me if I'd had a child, and we discussed over the counter the size criteria. I promised to report back on my findings abot whether it fit. It was $35. I use mild dish detergent to clean it.

It took me about 24 hours to get used to the feeling. I don't feel the big end at all. Sometimes I can feel the little end, but it's not uncomfortable. Sometimes, hours go by when I forget it's there.

Putting it in and taking it out are the hard parts, but even so, it takes a few seconds.

I haven't had the worst days of my period yet, but so far, there is no leaking and I can sleep through the night without stained sheets or the sleepy consciousness of not being able to flip over or stretch my legs for fear of getting blood everywhere. I didn't pack my purse full of tampons and pantyliners, which I will forget to remove next week, to come to work today. And I don't have to think about it for six hours at a stretch. (8 to 10 hours at night.)

I already feel this is going to be mostly in the plus column.
Friday, April 28th, 2006
1:44 pm
on whiteheads and blackheads, and other articles
Paula Begoun is fairly well-known for her skincare and cosmetics reviews, ingredients and formulations analysis, and several books on beauty industry. She does have her own skincare line, but her reviews and recommendations continue to include a wide range of products. I receive her weekly newsletter, and the one from today included a neat article about dealing with whiteheads and blackheads, with tips for oily skin, acne, review of common treatments and such. Interesting stuff. There are more of her articles in the archives of cosmeticscop.com, if you have some time to kill and are curious. There are some interesting ones about whether natural ingredients are automatically superior and better for you, whether mineral oil and sodium laureth sulfate are of the devil, how skin ages and whether anything can be done about it, etc.
Friday, January 13th, 2006
12:13 pm
the girly parts in more detail
my yuckiness has a name! polycystic ovarian something or other.

so this week, my ovaries are making cysts in clusters, there were 4 or 5 on there today. cysts are made from ovulation gone bad. I am on the pill (and a good one, yasmin, according to my doctor today) therefore should not ovulate.

so in 3 months i have gone from evidence of a cyst, to one big cyst (that apparently shrank or exploded) to a cluster of cysts. this does freak me out a bit.

the doc said that i will have to remain on the pill basically forever except for when i want kids as that is the only preventative treatment (a treatment which doesn't work for me so far...i'll try not to think about that today)

On tuesday i go back, if these grow, i may need surgery to take out or drain or whatever they do to the cysts to make them smaller or apparently they can twist up my fellopian tubes, which is bad.

i am not fond of my girly parts right now. They hurt and cause me stress. and this isnt even getting into the issues of me wanting kids and wondering if i can have them if ovulation causes cysts instead of behaving like normal..... grrrrrr.

i need to stop now. brain is in overdrive.
Tuesday, January 10th, 2006
9:49 am
Monday, November 14th, 2005
2:48 pm
tests were last week. they said 48 hours I would hear what was going on.

That was 6 days ago.

what the fuck?

update: see other journal for the end of this enthralling story....
Monday, November 7th, 2005
10:33 am
so i had to go to the doctor at the butt-crack of dawn today due to having small pains everyday for two weeks now in the general vacinity of my overies. since my mom had cysts i get a bit paranoid about such things.

Dr. lady said she didnt feel anything but will send me for an ultrasound. It is damned good to be back with a doctor who makes an effort instead of that bitch who basically told me i was imagining everything. (did i mention new insurance has enabled me to see my old doc?)

I went ahead and got a couple of them std tests as well since by some miracle i actually got me some action this summer and asked her about these damned UTIs as well. she had no real advice except that same ol' pee after sex thing, which simply doesnt work, because if i have to pee i get distracted and the whole sex thing loses its fun...

what a morning. i could use a nap. and my little girly bits are still achy...

and to add to the fun, my boss walked by right after i had to say "pelvic ultrasound with trans-vag probe" on the phone. I dont like the word probe. there is never a good time to hear that word.
Tuesday, November 1st, 2005
12:17 pm
Tuesday, October 18th, 2005
12:43 am
Ok kids, I need some skin help. Mu pores are totally clogged, I'm greasy as a crack ho and in short, my facial skin needs help.

So... help us?

(looking for suggestions of cleansers and moisturizers
Wednesday, September 7th, 2005
11:44 pm
1:34 pm
i had to take a drug test for the new job today.

fucking place does not give a real toilet, well it was a toilet but i was forbidden from flushing it and there is no TP. Do they think only boys have to test? why wasnt i given the opportunity to wipe? is that too much to ask, to be able to wipe the pee off myself? a kleenex and a trashcan would have been nice.

and thsi isnt even getting onto how hard it is to stop peeing once you get going but the cup starts to get full...
Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005
12:22 pm
Here's an interesting change from the topic of birth control: birth itself. More specifically, should we let men watch us give birth?

A perilous journey from delivery room to bedroom - NYTimes

Text here.Collapse )
Monday, June 13th, 2005
10:13 pm
one boy actually answered an e-mail, the one I least expected actually. it's a start.

and there was a wierd cooincidence today. I was hanging out with miy friend Therese and she asked me about the guy i went out with in March. i told her, he was really nice but kinda messed up, haven't talked to him since.

Then, i was at the bookstore with my other friend Heather (see, i have more than one friend...), she picked up a book and said, oh look at this book! and it was the book that guy co-wrote. I totally though he had made that up when he told me, but poof, there was his name in front of me.

Saturday, June 11th, 2005
8:00 pm
some questions
1) Why are all pants currently on sale in stores either extra long or cropped?

2) Why do all sandals have the flip floppy thing between the toes?

3) Is this international "Boys Don't Answer E-mails" week? Seriously, not a single e-mail that i have sent to a boy all week has gotten a reply. (and to clarify, i am not e-stalking any boys, these are all very normal type e-mails that just aren't getting answered) why are boys so stupid?
Wednesday, May 11th, 2005
8:30 am
at Target right now they have a sonia kashuk set of makeup brushes for $15. go get them! i love them so! and they come in a really cute little travel case!
Thursday, May 5th, 2005
10:02 am
I talked to my ladydoc today about my birth control.  My birth control pills and I are not best friends.  Really, if I'm going to see these things everyday for years, we ought to get along.  So.  She put me on something new to see how it works out.  This all starts with the new pack, a week from Sunday.

The thing is, I really don't want to be on the pill anymore.  Really.  But here is the thing about that:  I have been on birth control for a decade.  It's a little scary to think about....not being on it.  I'm worried about what it is doing to my body and personality, but I am not. ready. for babies.  At all. 

I don't even know if I'm looking for advice here, since it sort of feels like me and my hormone tablets are stuck with each other.  Meh.

PS - If you notice that I start acting terribly over the next month, please oh please tell me!  It's hard to tell you're acting crazy when you're the one....acting crazy.  :/
Monday, May 2nd, 2005
10:42 pm
i talked to new boy this evening and felt the need to share. He seems nice. We'll see. His name is Darin, and he looks just like a guy i had a big crush on when i was like 22. whose name, incidentally, was Aaron and both are a year younger than i am. spooky.

i meet him in person on wednesday. i hope his picture isn't a big lie. it is so hard to tell from a couple of still shots. but his voice was nice.
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