Unemployed adn Overeducated. (leezechka) wrote in cathouse2,
Unemployed adn Overeducated.

the girly parts in more detail

my yuckiness has a name! polycystic ovarian something or other.

so this week, my ovaries are making cysts in clusters, there were 4 or 5 on there today. cysts are made from ovulation gone bad. I am on the pill (and a good one, yasmin, according to my doctor today) therefore should not ovulate.

so in 3 months i have gone from evidence of a cyst, to one big cyst (that apparently shrank or exploded) to a cluster of cysts. this does freak me out a bit.

the doc said that i will have to remain on the pill basically forever except for when i want kids as that is the only preventative treatment (a treatment which doesn't work for me so far...i'll try not to think about that today)

On tuesday i go back, if these grow, i may need surgery to take out or drain or whatever they do to the cysts to make them smaller or apparently they can twist up my fellopian tubes, which is bad.

i am not fond of my girly parts right now. They hurt and cause me stress. and this isnt even getting into the issues of me wanting kids and wondering if i can have them if ovulation causes cysts instead of behaving like normal..... grrrrrr.

i need to stop now. brain is in overdrive.
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