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I hate my uterus with a white-hot fury of a thousand suns. I spend about a week out of every month pmsing, with oily breaking out skin, cramps, bloating and foul mood, and then *another* week plugging the bloody niagara falls with the largest chunks of overpriced cotton o.b. will sell me. I am not using any BC aside from condoms, so it's not evil pharmaceutical companies overloading me with hormones - it's just me and my fucked-up, useless reproductive system. If I weren't afraid of premature menopause and hairiness and weight gain and hot flashes, I would've happily scraped my uterus out with a rusty spork, and sent it to Washington, DC, where it's apparently in high demand with aging male politicians.

I dread pills because it seems they're more likely to have unpleasant side effects than help with any existing symptoms. And god knows I don't get laid enough to take them for birth-control itself. I don't want to get cervical cancer from bleached tampons, but all the other options seem to either be uncomfortable (no straddling pillows for me, thanks), leaky (natural tampons), or just plain impractical (visualize our secretary strolling into the bathroom just as I'm washing out my divacup in the sink, with my pants around my ankles....).

I did start lurking in iud_divas. Possibly Mirena is just what the doctor ordered, if it does lighten/shorten periods, and uses relatively small doses of hormones. Another option is Essure+endometrial ablation, as I'm sure any doctor in atlanta area would love to sterilize a 25-year-old single healthy woman. Hahahaha! Remember kids, we (so far) have control over our reproductive choices, as long as it's a choice between babies now or babies later!

I also feel like a shitty shitty friend. I'm really so fucking sorry that I keep bailing on people, and I wish I could go out and give hugs and buy drinks for everyone who's going through a rough time, but I'm afraid that when I add pms on top of work stress, I'm pretty insufferable to be around.

Ugh. Ok. that ought to fill up my whine quota for a month or two.

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